Style Guide

Preparing for photos can be a daunting task. Gone are the days of matching denim jump suits and stuffy brick and mortar studio portrait sessions. Our goal if for you to have the best experience possible and to make sure you’re happy with the results. Below are some tips and tricks to best help you prepare for your photo session to make sure you look your best. Sometimes the right clothing choices can make or break your special moment. 

Below are some basics. If you still have questions feel free to reach out and contact us so we can answer your questions and best serve you. 

What should we wear as a group?

Nothing is as cringe worthy these days as matching outfits. We recommend picking a color scheme and asking all the members of your group to compliment each other. If the theme is grey then various shades of grey will look better then everyone wearing the exact same shade. This is appropriate for any color.

Remember compliment, but don’t match! The object of any good photo is to be interesting to the eye. A single color couldn’t be more boring! 

As a general rule think business casual. Although appropriate for some shoots as a general rule being too casual can look sloppy.  

Are there any major "don'ts"?

There are a few highly recommended don’ts.  Avoid wearing anything that will draw the eye to the wrong place in the photo. We want people to see you or your group and not have their eye drawn to overly bright colors, a large logo, flashy tennis shoes, or some other distraction. 

We also discourage busy or large prints. Clothing with prints can be distracting and can adversely affect posing and other methods the photographer may use to maximize your assets and hide defects.

Muted and understated prints are acceptable.  

I'm worried about my weight

We don’t know many people who aren’t on some level worried about this too. You’re not alone. Creative posing by the photographer can help make excess weight less of an issue. Clothing choice can help too. 

We recommend avoiding baggy clothing as this can make excess weight appear to be much worse, especially with women. 

Dark clothing helps conceal, while lighter colors can draw the eye. For example if you carry excess weight from the waistline down consider dark pants and a light top. 

Dark colors tend to make people look slimmer

Baggy or ill fitting clothing makes people look heavier in photos

Acne on the left Clear on the right

I just got a blemish on the end of my nose on photo day. What should I do?

Welcome to the wonderful world of photoshop! Even severe acne can be dealt with in Photoshop.


Basic retouching will take care of acne and have you looking great in your photographs. The image on the left is half retouched. The right side of the photo was actually worse than the left side before retouching.